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#Scott Sent Me-2023-
  • No purchase is necessary, but I know it’s tough to control yourself. 
  • The contest:  Visit the most quilt shops in the US and/or Canada during September, October and November of 2023.  When you visit each shop, please make sure to tell them that, “Scott Fortunoff from the Jaftex Corporation sent me.” If the business owner doesn’t know what you are talking about, tell them to check out this blog post for more information at
  • Duration: Friday, September 1st, 2023 to Thursday, November 30th, 2023. 
  • On Thursday, November 30th, 2023, post your shop total visits on my @scott_fortunoff Instagram page and/or my @jaftexpresident Facebook page when queried. Each shop can only be counted once.
  • To play along with the #ScottSentMe2023 Challenge, you must have an Instagram or Facebook account and make it public for the duration of the challenge.  In order to win, you must follow my @scott_fortunoff Instagram account and/or my @jaftexpresident Facebook account.
  • On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, I will ask the top consumers who visited the most shops for undeniable proof of all the shops they visited.


  • To prove that a certain shop was visited, here are ideas of things to include in the photos (one or more forms of incontrovertible proof is ideal):
    • You must be in at least one of the proof photos for every single shop visited.
    • A picture in front of the shop’s signage. If the signage is outside, you will also need proof you went inside the shop.
    • A picture with the owner or a shop employee if that is not too disruptive to the business and they are willing to pose.
    • A picture of you in the shop, as long as there is something that makes it clear what shop you were in i.e. a sign, a banner or a flyer, etc.
    • A picture of the shop’s business card.
    • A photo of a shopping bag from the store.
    • A credit card statement with a purchase from the store.


  • Who can participate?  The truth is that this contest is for everyone.  The only exclusion would be fabric sales reps from any company.
  • Territory: This contest is open to consumers visiting shops in the US and Canada only. 
  • #ScottSentMe2023 Facebook Group: Want to see where everyone else is going and make some new quilting friends? Please join the #ScottSentMe2023 Facebook group:
  • Sponsors:  I wanted to remind you of the names of all my companies under the Jaftex umbrella so that you know who is sponsoring this contest:
    • FreeSpirit Fabrics.
    • Studio E Fabrics.
    • Henry Glass Fabrics.
    • The Blank Quilting Corp.
    • A.E. Nathan Co., Inc.
    • 3 Wishes/Fabric Editions.
  • By the way, I also wanted you to know that we at Jaftex are Event Sponsors for all of the Shop Hop Inc. events so if you are participating in a shop hop, it is a no-brainer for you to participate in these and #ScottSentMe2023 at the same time. 


  • There will be 10 winners! Yes, 10! 
    • First prize:  Two $625 credits for you to shop at (2) of your favorite quilt shops (must be a Jaftex direct customer). $1,250 value.
    • Second prize:  Two $425 credits for you to shop at (2) of your favorite quilt shops that (must be a Jaftex direct customer). $850 value.
    • Third Prize:  A $600 credit for you to shop at your favorite quilt shop that (must be a Jaftex direct customer). $600 value.
    • Fourth Prize:  A $300 credit for you to shop at your favorite quilt shop (must be a Jaftex direct customer). $300 value.
    • Fifth Prize: A $200 credit for you to shop at your favorite quilt shop that (must be a Jaftex direct customer). $200 value.
    • SIXTH-TENTH PRIZES:  5 consumers will be picked at random to receive a $125 credit to be spent at their favorite quilt shop (must be a Jaftex direct customer).
    • After the winners select their shop(s) of choice to earn their prize, I will be in touch with the shop owner about a proper way to arrange the credit and you can go crazy buying up the whole place! I know, “Thank you, Uncle Scott!” 
    • If 10 or more consumers go to over 125 shops then we will have a kicker prize. The kicker prize will be a $1,000 shopping spree split as $500 each between two shops.


  • All questions must be posted in the comments section of this blog. I will answer all questions within a day or two.  You can also ask questions on my Instagram page or my Facebook page, but you will have to direct message me. Use the @scott_fortunoff or @jaftexpresident so that I definitely see it.
  • All questions will be answered in the location where they are asked.
  • Finally, this is my contest and I will make all final determinations and decisions related to it in order for it to run as smoothly as feasibly possible.

Remember to use the hashtag when posting: #ScottSentMe2023

With that, I wish you all much luck and please don’t forget to have sew much fun!

And lastly, please spread the word about the details of the contest to all of your quilty friends.

Be safe,